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Used to provide high-level disinfection of all kinds of invasive surgical instruments, dental surgical instruments, surgical laparoscopy instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes. Compatible with Glass, Polystyrene, PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbon, Ceramic, Plastic, Polymer, Plastic, Silicone, HDPE, Stainless steel and Porcelain materials.


  • It is a concentrated powder for professional use.
  • Anticorrosive effective
  • Wide spectrum of effects
  • High-level disinfectant
  • Performs cleaning and disinfection at the same time
  • Aluminum, lead, zinc, chrome, copper and nickel/silver planted materials also are not suitable for use


Fill water to the tub, add appropriate rate of OneSept PA POWDER.

Mix untill all of the powder has dissolved and a clear transparent solution is formed.

Place the tools by disassembling them immediately after use.

Make sure that the solution covers all instruments. 

Close the container cover.

Abide the specified contact times fort he required microbial activity.

Remove all tools from solution, rinse and dry.

Solution can be used during 1 working day.

Check the effectiveness of the solution with the help of test strips.


* Peracetic Acid (solution diluted with 2% water) 2250 ppm, Sodium Percarbonate, TAED, Anti-Corrosion, Stabilizer, Auxiliaries.


• Bactericidal (including Tbc.), Fungucidal, Virucidal and Sporicidal effective in 10 minutes.