Kaf Grup


OEM and PL appear as two different production and marketing strategies. OEM manufacturers produce customized products for companies that design, manufacture and sell a product. These products are sold under another brand name and the OEM manufacturer name usually does not appear on the product. Kaf Grup meets the demands of customers by offering customized products in accordance with their needs and offers them quality products.

As Kaf Grup, we provide support to our customers at every stage of product design, development, production, testing and certification.

Kaf Grup’s OEM products have high standards in terms of quality, performance and durability. In addition, we offer customized products according to the wishes of our customers, and we offer solutions that are suitable for their marketing strategies.

As Kaf Grup, we also manufacture products that are sold under our own brand. These products are produced in accordance with Kaf Grup’s high quality and performance standards and offer a reliable option to its customers.

As a result, Kaf Grup stands out in the healthcare industry with its OEM and PL production strategies, by offering customized products tailored to the needs of customers.

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